Pursuing God’s Will Through Scripture

The age-old question among spiritually growing Christians, “What IS the Lord’s will in my life?” is contemplated amongst believers of all ages, but is one too often deconstructed, transfigured, and transfixed upon in the mindset of young women who have the desire and intention to align their lives with Christ. I feel confident in speaking for all of us when I say that we Christian young women find extreme discomfort in times of feeling insecure in uncertainty and a lack of control in the outcomes of decisions we make that can have long-term effects. If you don’t recall having thought specifically about the aspect of Christ’s will for your life, maybe it has been disguised in other forms of questions that you may very well ask yourself:

  • Is Christ calling me to the mission field?
  • Who will I marry?
  • What college will I attend?
  • What should I pursue as a career?

These are only a handful of questions that I have previously worried over or still find myself dwelling on when I am not careful and guarding myself. I so often find myself getting caught up worrying over how my future will pan out, but I have comfort and peace in knowing that my future is not in my own hands. Rather than being in the quivering hands of an indecisive and insecure young woman, my future is in the hands of an almighty, sovereign, and righteous God! Praise the Lord for that!

Seeking, pursuing, and trusting in the Lord’s will for my life is no easy feat. Actually, it isn’t a feat at all because that would require courage, skill, or strength; all of which, you and I are fully incapable of attaining on our own. It is a fight. Seeking, pursuing, and trusting in the Lord’s will for my life is a fight. It is a challenging fight against ignorance, fleshly influence, temptation, and sin. Satan seeks to prevent us from having faith that Christ does indeed have a purpose for our lives, but we must not allow Satan’s influence to overcome our faith in Christ and His will in our lives.

I can’t tell you what Christ’s will is in your life, but I can tell you where to find peace, comfort, and refuge as we embark on the journey of pursuing Christ together. Scripture. I’m not going to say that God can’t make Himself audibly visible, but I have never personally experienced this. God’s Word, the Bible, is His words and promises that are still as true today as the day they were written by the men who were inspired by Christ to write their very words. He still acts upon His Word and His promises are just as applicable as ever. On a few different occasions, I’ve heard the Bible referred to as God’s “love letter” to us. I find such sentiment in this description because it shows the true intimacy that we, as believers, are to have with God and His Word.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths.” ~ Proverbs 3:5&6

Here, Solomon is very clear on how to follow Christ and to pursue His will, but fleshly nature always seeks to distort the simplicity and truth in scripture. Fleshly nature is the barrier we allow to come between us and God’s promises in fulfilling His will in our lives. We read scripture, but take it lightly. Sisters, hear me when I say we must NEVER take God’s Word lightly. Taking God’s Word lightly is like casually walking through a nuclear war zone. You wouldn’t continue to walk down a street after having just heard someone scream to take shelter, would you? No, of course not! Then, as a believer, why would you read God’s word and not take it seriously, knowing that the result could very well deter you from pursing Him and His will that you are so desperately claiming to want?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” goes beyond the human capacity of intellectual understanding. Solomon is challenging believers to forget their own knowledge and to trust Christ with their “heart[s]” rather than what they know. The entire point of salvation through Christ isn’t the fact that one says a prayer. It is trusting in Christ and facing the reality that we are worthless, sinful humans who are fully depraved without Him in our lives. We are human, so sinful nature makes the concept of trusting Christ more difficult than it was ever intended to be, but we must persevere.

If you are a fellow believer, Solomon boldly tells us to “not lean on [our] own understanding.” Throughout the entire Bible, we are constantly reminded of our need for Christ and total depravity without him. With or without Christ, we are unable to peer into the future to see what is ahead, but with Christ there is peace and hope in His promises. God is the ultimate Creator of the entire universe. Who could possibly have a better understanding of how every intricate detail of life revolves other than the Creator Himself?

Verse 6 goes on to tell us to “acknowledge him, and he will make straight [our] path[s].” This goes back to trusting Christ. Acknowledging Him is taking to heart His characteristics of being holy, righteous, sovereign, compassionate, eternal, and so much more. Along with knowing and acknowledging His characteristics, we must do something about it. We must trust and put our faith into Christ, based off from His abundant and flawless characteristics. By trusting Christ and putting our faith into Him rather than ourselves will result in the best futures we could ever dream up for ourselves. His Word says that He will make straight our paths, which means that He will guide us to our eternal goal of intimacy with Him in heaven. Making our paths straight is not necessarily external, but is internal by making our eternal paths clear.

I can’t tell you Christ’s will for your life in specific. Even you will never fully know God’s will for your life and what the future looks like. It is impossible. I can’t tell you what He has laid out in your path and what your future walking next to Him looks like. What I can tell you is that Christ is Love. Love God. Love His people. Christ is sufficient. He is enough.

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